6 May 2011

quick news and stuff

Just a tiny post to say that we're glad that WWF is on the n°79 of Stash, always a good news to be a part of it.

Beside, the Giants are selected to the SICAF at Seoul.
It's great to see that the Giants are moving abroad :)
It was driving them crazy to stay in our tiny room.

If you're in Brooklyn around the 20th of may, you can see the Giants at the Rooftop Films Festival.


  1. Salut Céline, merci d'être passé ;)
    Votre série Giant est tout simplement trop cool! Le concept, les design, tout! On en dit que du bien de ce côté de la Manche!

  2. Aïda del Solar21 June 2011 at 08:09

    Bravo chicos !