6 July 2011

Le Chat

Here is the spot we've directed , and here are also some stills we've made during the pitch.

6 May 2011

quick news and stuff

Just a tiny post to say that we're glad that WWF is on the n°79 of Stash, always a good news to be a part of it.

Beside, the Giants are selected to the SICAF at Seoul.
It's great to see that the Giants are moving abroad :)
It was driving them crazy to stay in our tiny room.

If you're in Brooklyn around the 20th of may, you can see the Giants at the Rooftop Films Festival.

18 April 2011


Here our collaboration as charcater designer for the CREDIT CONFIDENTIAL spot of Patrick Jean.
Produced by Passion Pictures in London.

4 March 2011


The Giant story is still on its way.
In this epsiode, a lonely cloud goes to the beach to get a sunbath....
Special Big thanks again to David Kamp for the wonderful sound!
The 3 episodes will be shown at Pictoplasma this april, so come along if you want to see it on the big screen.

L'histoire des Geants continue.
Dans ce nouvel episode, un nuage solitaire part affiner son bronzage a la plage...
Big up a David Kamp pour son super travail sur le son!
Les 3 episodes seront projette a Pictoplasma. Rejoignez nous la bas pour le voir sur grand ecran.

23 February 2011

Giant online

All the Giants are now gathered on a brand new website, fully internet and worldwide.
2 news episodes will be released very soon, check here to be up to date.


17 February 2011

So 2011!

Here are some test we've been working on lately.
The goal was to be french and 2011...so one of the character has a moustache.

Voici quelques images d'un récent pitch.
L'objectif était de representer les francais de maniere moderne,de maniere 2011.

23 January 2011

Dear Hot Chocolate

We've had the pleasure of meeting Guillermo from the "atractivoquenobello"team, in a cold evening, having a cup of hot chocolate to try to warm us up.
We want to thanks him for the interview and invite you all to check their website, filled up with plenty of good news.

Click here for the interview.

Nous avons eu le plaisir de rencontrer Guillermo de l'équipe "atractivoquenobello", avec qui nous avons partage les senteurs d'un chocolat chaud pour nous rechauffer nos mains et museau.
Un grand merci a lui pour l'interview. On vous invite a passer par leur site pour trouver plein d'articles interessants, dont le notre..waou.

Cliquez ici pour l'interview.

9 January 2011

Happy new year to you all

The new 2011 calendar from Chez Eddy is out !!!
We've been asked to share this calendar with Mat&FX.
And given that 2011 is closer to the future, we decided to go for a old 3D anaglyph style.
At the top of the picture, it's written :
" The Giant is dressed up to the two thousand nines "

Bonne annee à tous!!
Le tout nouveau calendrier 2011 de Chez Eddy est fini .
Nous avons partage le calendrier en avec Mat&FX.
2011 est bien plus proche du futur, du coup nous avons decidé de faire une illusration en 3D anaglyphe, comme dans les livres quand on était gamin.
Vous savez bien, ceux avec des posters de dinosaures en 3D

Click on the picture to taste the high res picture.
Here is a close up, for you to check at home with your 3D glasses.
Avatar 3D was so 2010, here is 2011!